Sunday, April 5, 2020

Let Us Reflect & Give Thanks Today!!! (Update) All Students Check Google Classrooms ASAP, Thank You!!

As we enter this Holy Week let us think about our Lord, Christ Jesus and the sacrifice that he made for us that we may be forgiven and to live again!! No matter the problems that we may face presently; let us look to the hills which comes all of our help! Our help comes from the Lord, our problem solver! Be encouraged in the Lord and the power of His might and don't be overcome with fear, for God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind! Amen!!

Let us continue to keep each other lifted up in prayer and know that we are stronger together than apart with the help of the Lord! 

This is a link to the song "Way Maker" if you need a little motivation!!!

Please govern yourselves to your Google Classroom pages; assignments and updates have been posted and I steadily getting caught up on grading assignments. This week is primarily project based for all classes and a time to get caught up on missing or late assignments if need be. If any student needs to meet with me for any reason please let your request be made known during our Zoom class sessions so that I can schedule you for a 1 on 1 meeting with you or your parents. 

Have an blessed & beautiful Monday
Love, Mrs. Chubbs 

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thankful Thursday

Scripture for Today
Psalm 106:1  Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. 

Assignment Updates

6th Grade History- please submit notes from the power point on Google Classroom in addition to the Comprehension Check questions 13 D 1-7.

6th Grade Bible- Please have workbook page 173 completed and emailed to me by Friday at 5 pm. Great discussions today by the way!!!

7th Grade History - you have a new link to view that works now, please watch it. Also please make sure to have your work turned in by 5 pm on Friday. I enjoyed our review today! 

10th Grade Humanities - thank you to all who have already turned in your assignments. Please over the weekend pick an area as we discussed in our chat session that you would want to have funded to help support our local community or state to help benefit our youth and young adults. Remember the ideas that were discussed and be prepared to research and develop a small proposal for that idea for next week. More details to come directly in our classroom thread. 


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Hello Wednesday, 

Attention to all parents and students, due the high influx of emails being received at this time, there will be a lag time in the response to answering emails, and responding to sent assignments. All students are being given grace with turning in assignments on my part and I am very flexible and understanding. Please do not panic!! I will respond as soon as it is possible. 

It will also be helpful if students have questions prepared for me when we meet on Zoom or request for a mini 1 on 1 session after regular class time if they need it. In addition I would like to add that I typically do not respond after 5:30 pm on Friday's to any emails. I do check them Sunday evenings prior to the start of the week to make sure I am aware of any major issues that need to be addressed going into the next week. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this very trying and stressful time. 

To my 10th Grade Humanities students, make sure you take advantage of your extension and make sure that you work on your Census assignment. I will see you all on our Zoom conference call today. 

Continue to post on social media in honor of Spirit Week, all schools are participating, public and private. 

Middle School Students 
Hope everyone is having a great day today! For all of my students who were not able to take the Quiz on Quizziz, no worries,we are no longer continuing with that and it will not count against you. 

Please make every effort to turn in all assignment through Google Classroom. This will speed up the turn around time on grading your assignments as we are shifting towards this new format. Also make sure to ask me questions while we are on Zoom and ask for extra help if you need it while we are on Zoom so I can give you the extra help that you need. 

Love, Mrs. Chubbs

Monday, March 30, 2020

Cherry Chubbs
Yes I am a day late, so in honor of spirit week this is my lil pooch Cherry Chubbs (Kids named her, not me LOL). 

Middle School Students!!! Your Google Class Rooms Are Ready!! Let's Rock & Roll!!! I have videos & Power Points to help you get through this week.

YES; we still have our Zoom meeting times, so don't forget to call in at the same time as last week. Be ready to ask questions and have your books ready so we can review. 

Feel free to share pictures of your pets on our Google Classroom, I will leave a place for you to upload a picture. No pet, no problem. You can show us your favorite stuffed animal if you want to :) 

To my 10th Grade Humanities students, make sure you take advantage of your extension and make sure that you work on your Census assignment. I am very proud of the submissions that you submitted from last weeks cooking project. Here are few pictures of some of the presentations below! 
(Student featured had parents permission

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Welcome Back!!! 

I hope everyone is well and has had a blessed and productive weekend. This is how the schedule will follow this week.

10th Grade Humanities-  please log on to Google Classrooms for instructions this week.  

To my 6th & 7th Graders I will have all of your assignments completely uploaded for this week and next week onto Google Classrooms by Tuesday morning. When you check in with me during our scheduled class time let me know if you have any issues. If you have not received an invite already, please email me tomorrow so that I can resend you an invite your NEW Lee Christian gmail address. 

Please adhere to the same schedule as last week and the same Zoom call in number posted below. I look forward to seeing you all at your scheduled class times

Zoom Conference Call In Schedule: 
Monday & Wednesday
10th Grade Humanities at 11:30 pm-11:55 pm 

Tuesday & Thursday

1st     7th Grade- History Students 9:00 am -9:25 pm
2nd   6th Grade  History Students 9:30 am-9:55 am
3rd   6th Grade  History Students 10:00 am-10:25 am
4th   6th Grade   Bible     Students 10:30 am-10:55 am
5th   Planning                     11:00 am -  11:25 am (Conferences/Questions)
6th   Planning                     11:30 am -11:55 am 
7th   6th Grade    Bible    Students   12:00-12:25 pm

Mrs. Chubbs is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: All Classes  
Time: Starting Mar 25, 2020 & Going Forward

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 601 572 7110

Friday, March 27, 2020

My 7th Grade 1st Period  Class; Join Me Now On Zoom For Chapel!!! 

Join Code 6015727110

All Middle School Students, Please Accept My Invite For Google Classrooms!!

Have A Great Weekend!!!